Orange Company has been in the soft toy market for more than a decade. We believe that every step in creating and producing our products is important.

Our focus is on compliance with the law on occupational safety and working conditions in factories that produce products Orange.

Our mandatory and regular inspections of the production facilities eliminate child labor and unfair payment conditions for female workers. We aim to create high quality toys and do our best to comply with the conditions of production of a high standard.
Orange Company offers both high-yield products and good quality service to satisfy customers’ requirements.

We strive to synergize high quality, customer needs and market tendencies. The high percentage of returning clients is a proof that this strategy pays off.

Throughout the year, the Orange design team develops new characters, unique collections and updates the range of existing products. This gives the Orange Company’s customers an advantage on the market, which is reflected in a dynamic trade and constant increase in sales.

Each toy has it's own name,
character and story.

Orange Toys are created to make people smile


It is a pleasure to make friends with and play with Orange Toys

Orange Toys are not just toys. Their recipe is a unique style, a drop of sentimentality and a lot of softness, kindness and tenderness. What's more, it is the unconditional ability and willingness to not just do business, but also to bring pleasure. We believe that only this way it is possible to make the world a little kinder!

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